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― Cara Tas



Introducing Cara Tas, a dynamic force in Los Angeles' design landscape. Renowned for her ability to craft captivating spaces across hospitality, commercial, and residential domains, Cara has quickly risen to prominence for her unique design ethos and innovative solutions.

Cara's journey commenced at UCLA's prestigious Interior Architecture and Design Program, where she distinguished herself and earned the esteemed National Executive Women in Hospitality Design Scholarship. This accolade highlighted her exceptional talent and commitment to both academic excellence and design innovation.

Building upon her academic achievements, Cara further refined her skills while working with a renowned Hospitality and Luxury Residential Design firm in Los Angeles. inspiration for design is the global travel, she gained invaluable experience in curating breathtaking spaces that captivate and inspire.

Today, as the Owner and Director of Design at Cara Tas Design, she brings her passion and expertise to clients seeking functional yet aesthetically pleasing designs. From contemporary marvels to timeless classics, Cara's portfolio exemplifies her dedication to understanding each project's unique character while addressing clients' practical requirements.

At Cara Tas Design, clients can anticipate a collaborative and bespoke approach, where their visions are translated into reality with finesse and creativity. Whether it's a boutique hotel, a chic restaurant, or an opulent residence, Cara Tas Design consistently delivers designs that make a lasting impact.

Join us in discovering the enchantment of Cara Tas Design, where every space narrates a tale of sophistication, functionality, and elegance.



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